Journal: Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Selected Papers from the 2012 Hume Conference in Calgary

The Canadian Journal of Philosophy published the selected papers from the 2012 Hume Conference in Calgary. The journal can be found here. The contents are listed below:

  1. From Cudworth to Hume: Cambridge Platonism and the Scottish Enlightenment, Sarah Hutton
  2. Hume and the nominalist tradition, Deborah Brown
  3. Hume’s nominalism and the Copy Principle, Ruth Weintraub
  4. Hume as a trope nominalist, Jani Hakkarainen
  5. Hume on presentation and philosophy, Maité Cruz Tleugabulova
  6. The ontology of character traits in Hume, Erin Frykholm
  7. The simple duality: Humean passions, Hsueh Qu
  8. The inertness of reason and Hume’s legacy, Elizabeth S. Radcliffe
  9. Motivating Hume’s natural virtues, Philip A. Reed
  10. Hume’s “Wilt Chamberlain Argument” and taxation, Kenneth Henley
  11. Hume, a Scottish Locke? Comments on Terence Penelhum’s Hume, Donald C. Ainslie
  12. The idea of the self in the evolution of Hume’s account of the passions, Jane McIntyre
  13. The ‘true religion’ of the sceptic: Penelhum reading Hume’s Dialogues, Willem Lemmens
  14. Hume, Locke and consciousness, Terence Penelhum
  15. The self and the passions, Terence Penelhum
  16. Hume’s atheism and the role of Cleanthes, Terence Penelhum




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