First Annual West Coast Hume Scholars Workshop

Sunday, April 3rd
Getty Study, Lo Schiavo Science Center, USF

10:00 am Pedro Faria (UFMG, Brazil), “From the Treatise to the Second Enquiry: changes in Hume’s moral philosophy and the role of political economy”
11:00 am David Landy (SFSU), “Explanation and Personal Identity in the Appendix to Hume’s Treatise”

1:30 pm Jason Fisette (UN Reno), “Analogies from Mathematics and Colors: Hume’s Rejection of a Rationalist Presupposition about Moral Truth”
2:30 pm Michael Gill (Arizona), “Hume on Moral Motivation”
3:45 pm Katharina Paxman (BYU), “Hume and the Evolution of Appetite”
4:45 pm Christopher Williams (UN Reno), “What Divides Nietzsche and Hume as Genealogists of Morality?”

Sponsored by the Mortimer Fleishhacker Fund at USF


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