Call for Papers: Diametros – Enlightenment and Secularism

Call for Papers:

The Polish online journal Diametros invites submissions for a special issue on “Enlightenment and Secularism”.

Deadline: 1st February 2017.

Further info:

*Diametros – An Online Journal of Philosophy* invites contributions to a
special issue dedicated to the topic *‘Enlightenment and Secularism’*.
Authors are encouraged to address the question to what extent the
Enlightenment critiques and new conceptions of religion, the role of
religion in individuals’ moral lives and in the development of communities,
as well as its relations to the state and presence in the public sphere,
have shaped the modern secular age. Does secularism, understood both as a
political regime and as a cultural tendency in contemporary societies,
originate in the (predominantly) European Age of Reason, or in other
intellectual traditions and historical developments of Europe, or can its
roots be (also) traced back to non-European cultures? What are the ways of
protecting values like the freedom of conscience, on the one hand, and the
freedom of speech, on the other, in contemporary secular regimes (*e.g.*
the Lockean *vs*. the accommodationist approach)? Do they have a potential
to avert or to fuel worldwide conflicts motivated by religious creeds and
commitments? Articles related to these and similar topics should be
submitted through the online platform of the journal *no later than by the
1st of February 2017*. All papers will receive a double-blind peer review.

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