Beginner’s Guide to Hume

Are you new to Hume’s works? This Beginner’s Guide to Hume gives you something to start with. Below I provide some online references accessible to someone who has just started to get into the ideas of one of the greatest philosophers in the western tradition. Most references are related to the most commonly discussed topics of Hume’s works, such as his epistemology or his moral philosophy. Unfortunately, Hume’s works on politics, political economy and history are not well covered by any accessible sources online.

The first sources one should visit to get oneself introduced to a philosopher’s work are the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. All the articles in both encyclopedias are written and peer-reviewed by leading researchers in the field. The articles contain a bibliography section, where one can find further sources  Here are some interesting articles related to Hume one can find in these two encyclopedias:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

There are some articles directly about Hume’s philosophy:

There are other articles which develop themes related to Hume, survey themes where Hume’s works are relevant or compare Hume’s philosophical ideas to those of other philosophers:

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Articles about Hume’s philosophy:

Other articles related to Hume:

Besides the encyclopedias, there are other sources, especially podcasts and online taught courses.


The Partially Examined Life podcast has a couple of episodes dedicated to Hume: Hume’s Empiricism: What Can We Know? (17) and Moral Sense Theory: David Hume and Adam Smith (45). Other episodes might be of interest to those learning their ways into Hume’s philosophy, such as Rousseau: Human Nature vs. Culture (23).

BBC 4 radio has a 45-minute talk with Peter Millican (Oxford University), an acclaimed commentator of Hume’s philosophy. Prof Millican also has a course on book I of Hume’s Treatise of Hume Nature at iTunes U. In Apple’s platform one can also find a course on Hume by The Open University.

“David Hume and the Triumph of Reason”, also from BBC 4 radio, is a talk recorded in Edinburgh as a tribute to his 300th anniversary. Allan Little presents Hume’s life and writings, aided by Hume’s biographer Roderick Graham and academics Miranda Fricker, Nicholas Phillipson, Tom Devine, Simon Blackburn and Michael Fry.




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