15 anos de Grupo Hume

O Grupo Hume convida a todas e todos para a comemoração de 15 anos de trabalhos!

As salas exatas serão confirmadas em breve nesse post. A Programação completa é a seguinte:

26/08 – Quarta

26/08 17:00 – Inscrições e Abertura Oficial

27/08 – Quinta
10:30 – Jacqueline Taylor (University of San Francisco)
12:30 – Almoço
14:30 – Hugo Cerqueira (UFMG| Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)

28/08 – Sexta
10:30 – Jaimir Conte (UFSC| Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
12:30 – Encerramento Oficial

29/08 – Sábado
10:00 – Café com filosofia

hume cartaz


Event: Conference: “Passions and the Origin of Moral Institutions and Civil Society: British Debate from Thomas Hobbes to Adam Smith”

When: 2-5 September, 2015

Where: Charles University in Prague

Link: http://fhs.cuni.cz/FHS-1191.html

Scholars and students from various fields originated or closely connected with British moral philosophy in late 17th and 18th centuries (i.e. philosophy, history, sociology, political thought, economics, etc.) are both welcomed and encouraged to attend a conference presenting and discussing horizons of gradually progressing changes in interpretation of British debate on the origin of moral institutions, civil society and many other subjects of moral philosophy. Opening lecture is to be given by James A. Harris (St Andrews), the editor and contributor to The Oxford Handbook of British Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century, and the author of forthcoming (18 September 2015) monograph on Hume: An Intellectual Biography (CUP). The four panels dedicated to key thinkers representing British debate (Hobbes, Mandeville, Hume and Smith) are to be held and generous space for discussion in a nice and stimulating atmosphere of liberal arts faculty is to be provided. Inspiration for an edited volume and many papers, essays or thesis hopefully will be gained. Moreover, Prague walks, informal dinners, opera, a special guided tour and party allow participants to enjoy conversation, refresh minds and promote encouragement for their diverse missions in the republic of letters and learned.

Journal: Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Selected Papers from the 2012 Hume Conference in Calgary

The Canadian Journal of Philosophy published the selected papers from the 2012 Hume Conference in Calgary. The journal can be found here. The contents are listed below:

  1. From Cudworth to Hume: Cambridge Platonism and the Scottish Enlightenment, Sarah Hutton
  2. Hume and the nominalist tradition, Deborah Brown
  3. Hume’s nominalism and the Copy Principle, Ruth Weintraub
  4. Hume as a trope nominalist, Jani Hakkarainen
  5. Hume on presentation and philosophy, Maité Cruz Tleugabulova
  6. The ontology of character traits in Hume, Erin Frykholm
  7. The simple duality: Humean passions, Hsueh Qu
  8. The inertness of reason and Hume’s legacy, Elizabeth S. Radcliffe
  9. Motivating Hume’s natural virtues, Philip A. Reed
  10. Hume’s “Wilt Chamberlain Argument” and taxation, Kenneth Henley
  11. Hume, a Scottish Locke? Comments on Terence Penelhum’s Hume, Donald C. Ainslie
  12. The idea of the self in the evolution of Hume’s account of the passions, Jane McIntyre
  13. The ‘true religion’ of the sceptic: Penelhum reading Hume’s Dialogues, Willem Lemmens
  14. Hume, Locke and consciousness, Terence Penelhum
  15. The self and the passions, Terence Penelhum
  16. Hume’s atheism and the role of Cleanthes, Terence Penelhum



Event: Themes from Smith to Rousseau, Glasgow (UK), 20-22 July

The International Adam Smith Society and the Rousseau Association will hold a joint meeting at The University of Glasgow 20-22 July 2015. The meeting aims to bring together scholars with an interest in the work of either or both of these thinkers with a view to stimulating discussion of their shared interests and the relationship between two prominent members of the Enlightenment. The meeting will take the form of a series of panels in a workshop format and is being supported by a grant from the British Academy / Leverhulme Research Grant Scheme.

Event: Hume and Naturalism workshop, Durham (UK), July 16-17th

Invited contributors:

Dr. Lorenzo Greco (University of Oxford) Dr. Peter Kail (University of Oxford) Prof. Jacqueline Taylor (University of San Francisco) Prof. Saul Traiger (Occidental College)

Hume’s work has been regarded by many as a strong influence on the formation of philosophical naturalism, and it is clear that naturalism informs Hume’s work on epistemology, philosophy of mind and ethics, amongst other topics. More generally some influential interpretations regard Hume’s naturalism as helping to lay the foundations for a ‘disenchanted’ conception of the world. However, recent work on the character of philosophical naturalism, for example work seeking to present and defend non-reductive, less scientistic forms of naturalism, suggest different ways to interpret Hume’s work. There may be reasons to maintain that Hume’s naturalism represents the kind of view opposed by these alternative forms. But, arguably, there are a number of ways that our understanding of Hume can be enhanced by adopting different conceptions of what naturalism amounts to. This workshop aims to identify and explore the range of interpretive possibilities in this context.